Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Spiritual Resilience

I just finished reading Spiritual Resilience by Sharla Goettl. If you know me, you know that finishing ANY non-fiction book is a tremendous accomplishment. I'm fair at starting them, but somewhere around chapter four I ditch the book and move on.

I read this book in three days. Yeah, three days. I know, wow! Just wow. But this book took me on a journey. It was incredibly insightful (which I keep saying in all my reviews, but, truth darling!) and I feel I am changed by those insights. 

One thing she says, "The Lord truly makes sure that whatever information, knowledge, tools, or resources we need to accomplish his commandments will cross our path at the opportune moment." Is it not true? I have been preparing to teach a class to the women at church and so many times during my reading, I found things or inspirations that were applicable.

This is geared for adults helping youth, but it is definitely applicable to all generations. I highly recommend this book. 

*I received an ARC. My opinions are my own. And my opinion is you should get this book!

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