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Monday, January 25, 2016

What We Want

My grandfather used to say, "We do what we want and make excuses for the rest."

What do your activities say about what you really want?

Walking, eating on a healthier level (still not where I should be, but battling my sugar/carb addiction will be a long process) = preparing for the Phoenix Half-Marathon. Doing this with my sisters is a bonus.

Medifast, healthier eating, health coaches (Zack and Andrea Jackson) learning about food habits, dropping extra weight = better health and physical abilities (preparing to be the fun grandma in the future).

Blogging, writing, critique group, accountability partners = progress in writing a book.

Scriptures, church, prayer, study = peace and deeper spiritual understandings.

ARE (Accessibility, Responsive, Engaged) with spouse, children, family relationships = getting through this together.

Time wasters (you know what they are!) = blocks, resistance, back sliding, avoiding all of the above.

There is a quote that I love by Sabachtani Balasabas of the Philippines: "I know the Lord did not send us here to fail and did not give us life to waste. Let us live a purposeful life and gain a positive experience."

I believe this. And, I believe God gave us gifts to help us in this life to help and lift others.

So when you get discouraged, remember that many people are cheering for you.

Write On, my friends, Write On!

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