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Monday, November 11, 2019

A Cry of the Heart by Debra Rush and Penelope Childers

My friend!

You know I have an interest in raising awareness about human trafficking, so when the opportunity came to read and review this book by Debra Rush and Penelope Childers, I gladly took it.

This book! So well-written about such a dark and heavy subject. I cried and hoped and cheered for Debra during her horrifying ordeal. I highly recommend reading this one. Talk about it with your friends and family. Education is one of our best tools in combatting this.

Here's my posted review on Amazon and Goodreads:

I don't typically read non-fiction simply because I don't generally enjoy it. This book, however, piqued my interest because I have supported or follow organizations like O.U.R., Shared Hope International, and SariBari India. It is so incredibly well-written (with the perfect amount of detail), thought-provoking, and engaging that I had a difficult time putting it down. I don't need to put any of the book details, as they are in the book description and other reviews, but I loved that Debra is so open about her spiritual journey and the way God led her and directed others to her. There are so many organizations out there devoted to helping these survivors. If not Breaking the Chains, find another one and do something. You CAN make a difference in helping victims overcome this tragedy that occurs globally but more specifically in your town or city.

You can get it in paperback or ebook on Amazon.

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