Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Two Fun Children's Books by Valerie Ipson

Sweet Dreams, Princess

by Valerie Ipson

Back of the Book: 

How can Marcy go to sleep when there is nothing to dream about? 

Don’t worry, Mom has some ideas. (If only Marcy will listen to them.)

My Take: 

The graphics are so fun and full of emotions! I mean, who hasn't gone to be with that pouty face when we wanted to stay up? I think this is a great addition to night-time reading (or anytime, really, because it's full of imagination!).  

Next up is After Bedtime.

Back of the Book: 

Why do we have to go to bed and Mom and Dad get to stay up?

Jump into your jammies, find your favorite blankie and stuffed sleeping buddy, and join in the fun, or the indignation really, as brother and sister imagine everything they're missing because they have to go to bed. Will Mom and Dad eat all the brownies and ice cream? Do they play with all their toys?

My take: 

More great graphics by illustrator Kevin Mura. What a fun story about all the things kids think they're missing. A definite case of FOMO for these two.

Pick up these fun paperbacks at Amazon and snuggle up for a good read. 

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