Monday, July 30, 2018

Beach Time

You know, beach time is reading time, right?

I love the ocean, watching the waves and my kids playing, looking for sand dollars, finding little crabs scurrying over the rocks after the waves roll out. I never seem to tire of it. Sometimes I don't read, but this time, I did.

First, Calico Ball

I don't usually read western-ish books and was unfamiliar with Calico Balls, but this was a fun way to find out about them and life in the old West. I have been through Wyoming many times, so it was fun to read about a place not often featured (at least in the books I usually read). I liked all of the stories. A Keeper of the Western Door dealt with prejudice against the Native Americans and what a difference we can make in treating people like people. A Convenient Arrangement was cute, but didn't feel as impactful for me. Isabella's Calico Groom was probably my favorite. This one dealt with professional prejudism against women in "men's work". But it was fascinating and fun and I really liked how the heroine and the hero learn to get along.

Second, A Night in Grosvenor Square.

I loved this collection. Loved. The stories had different approaches which was nice because I didn't feel like I was reading the same formulaic story. And the characters. Yeah, I liked them all. My favorite? Ellen in Little London by Heather Moore. But a very close second is Mrs. Northrop in A Match for Princess Pompous. Sometimes I think the prejudices of the ton are lost on us, but after reading these, and a conversation with friends, I pondered on my own prejudices and wanted to be less judgmental.

Monday, May 14, 2018

New York Rights Fair Honors Visual Books

Publishers Weekly, in conjunction with BolognaFiere and Combined Book Exhibit, organized New York Rights Fair (an international rights and licensing marketplace).

In an article by Calvin Reid on May 8, 2018, in Publishers Weekly they announced the winning titles from their inaugural competition Talking Pictures:Selected Books which honors excellence in visual books.

You can find the list below and on New York Rights Fair's website as well as sign up for the symposium in Manhattan. The article is not too lengthy and gives some great information. I recommend reading it.

Anyway, I was so excited to see the list and see the stunning visuals so worthy of this award. Not to be. It is just a list. So, for your viewing pleasure, I have added the book covers. Do you have a favorite? And did you want to spend hours perusing through the pages between the covers? I did.

Top Honorees for 2017

Art and Photography

The Black Trilogy
Photos by Ralph Gibson
Text by Gilles Mora
University of Texas Press

The Fire Next Time
James Baldwin and
Steve Schapiro

Artists Who Make Books
Philip E. Aarons
Claire Lehmann
Edited by Andrew Roth


Jose Pizarro
Hardie Grant Publishing

Aaron Turner
Photos by Julian Kingman
Hardie Grant Publishing

On Vegetables
Jeremy Fox with
Noah Galuten
Photos by Rick Poon

Children's Picture Books

Aurelian Debat
Les Grandes Personnes
Town Is by the Sea
Joanne Schwartz and 
Sydney Smith
Groundwood Books
House of Anansi Press
Nos Vacances (The Holidays)
Trapeze Albin Michel Jeunesse

Comics and Graphic Novels

The Hunting Accident
David L. Carlson and 
Landis Blair
First Second Books

My Favorite Thing Is Monsters
Emil Ferris
Fantagraphics Books

Whatsa Paintoonist
Jerry Moriarty
Fantagraphics Books

Architecture and Graphic Design

Ada Tolla and 
Guiseppe Lignano with
Thomas de Monchaux
The Monacelli Press

Star Wars Super Graphic
Tim Leong
Chronicle Books

The Sausage of the Future
Carolien Nieblins
Lars Muller Publishers

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Promise of Home by Michele Paige Holmes

New from Michele Paige Holmes, Amazon’s bestselling historical romance author and Whitney Award Winner, comes the Hearthfire Historical Romance, THE PROMISE OF HOME. 

Cover Reveal!!!

And isn't it gorgeous? I love the contrasting colors.

Back of the Book:

As Katie and Collin MacDonald prepare to embark on the most perilous journey of their lives—crossing the Atlantic to Nova Scotia—an ocean away Collin’s brother Ian is seeing the coast of Virginia for the first time.

Katie and Collin cross the ocean swiftly, with the smaller ship Cleopatra making good time until she encounters a fierce storm near Sable Island. The tempest threatens both the ship and Katie’s fragile health, and their arrival in Halifax brings little relief, but further proof that the dangers of this new continent will equal or surpass the old. 

Ian’s voyage proves perilous as well, and would have cost Ian his life, except for the courageous and timely aid of Elizabeth Campbell. Yet, Ian plans to return to Scotland as soon as possible. But his unlikely friendship with Eliza makes him reluctant to abandon her to the cruel fate that awaits her. His responsibility as laird propels him to risk his own freedom, and he decides to stay in America for the time being and do what he can to help. 

Pre-Order it HERE.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Love Unexpected

Book DescriptionWhen the widowed Lady Marianne Deveridge is invited to spend the season in London with her friend Lady Penelope Wellingham, she has no idea that Penny and Beau have another guest: Captain Ernest Saunders, Beau’s brother. Matchmaking is definitely afoot. However, after having been married to wandering explorer, Marianne has no intention of becoming involved with a wandering sea captain.

Her first sight of Captain Saunders in all his robust masculinity brings every one of her senses to attention. She knows then that her resolve will be difficult to keep.

Almost immediately upon making the captain’s acquaintance, Marianne becomes the focus of a mysterious villain who is devising a horse racing fraud. What has she seen to endanger a deadly felon? She has no idea.

Captain Saunders makes it his business to keep Marianne safe, and the two of them are brought closer by their investigation into the dark side of horse racing. Still, she thinks she is managing to resist his charms.

It is not until her very survival is at stake that she realizes how interwoven their lives have become. Will her heart ever recover once she watches another ship put out to sea?

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Highlander's Hidden Heart

Book description:

Despite being the daughter of a duke, shy Elizabeth Barrington becomes a target for the cruel whisperings of the ton. She would rather stay at home with her sketchbook indefinitely than give them more to gossip about, but when a dashing new earl arrives, everything changes. His Scottish brogue and easy acceptance draw her in and she finds herself falling in love. Before she can act on her feelings, however, her father promises her to a man who hides his cruel behavior behind a mask of civility. With her future at stake, Elizabeth must make a choice—do her duty or choose a love that could cost her everything.

Alec Ramsay never expected to inherit an earldom or settle in England, but he leaves behind his life in the Scottish Highlands and comes to London. After meeting his new neighbor, the beautiful and soft-spoken Lady Elizabeth, Alec can’t wait to further their acquaintance. It doesn’t take long in her company, however, for Alec to see he’s in danger of losing his heart. But when long-held prejudices rear their ugly head, Alec is caught between doing what is right and his new role as an English gentleman. Has he finally found the love he’s waited his whole life for, only to lose her in the web of unfair judgments and proper English traditions?

My take: Can I please stop writing the post because I'm right in the middle of this enchanting book. So far I'm taken with it and enjoying every minute I have to read it. So far it's a keeper! You should get your own copy: Amazon buy link

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Monday, April 23, 2018

An Amazing Find: Museum Trees!

Sometimes you come across a product and you vacillate because you aren't sure what you will get or if it will be worth the price. (Which is why actually getting out of my house and going to the store can be a good thing). So I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of a product I received several months ago from a company called Museum Trees.

They have the widest selection of outdoor artificial plants and trees. And yes, they are life-sized. It's stunning what they offer. A couple of my favorites are the Desert Willow and the Japanese Bonsai. They also offer some useful information like How to Maintain Your Office Garden with Minimal Effort... (the picture alone on this one is worth the look)

I was privileged to receive a beautiful custom artificial tree from an affiliate of Museum Trees. And it did not dissappoint. It was super easy to take from the shipping box and arrange the leaves. I set it on the side table in the waiting area at our office. It looks amazing and so natural. When I asked one lady what she thought, she couldn't believe it wasn't real. I'm not a great photographer, but I absolutely love this tree. And the other benefit is that I know it won't die.

*I received this product in exchange for a fair review. (I could gush about this tree because I really do love it!)

*If you are a blogger and would like to participate in their review campaign, please leave a message and I will get you the details.

**SPECIAL** Use code BLOGGER10 to receive 10% off you order at Silk Plants Direct!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Not an Ordinary Baronet BLOG TOUR!

#1 Bestselling Author in Regency Romance!

Back of the Book description:

One morning, along the wild Dorset coast, Sir Bertie is bewitched by Lady Catherine Redmayne. Smugglers intervene, and soon her life is in danger. Of course, Bertie feels compelled to protect her, but initially, Catherine believes him to be the menace. It doesn't help that she is heartbroken and the subject of a scandal.

First, Bertie must convince Catherine of his innocence, then uncover the real threat. Will she yeild her injured heart to him? Several forces are at work to separate them, and after all, he is only an ordinary baronet and she is a marquess's daughter.

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