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Monday, May 18, 2020

Something New (I wish it was a book!)

Have you ever been motivated to do something that needed to be done as a result of a minor disaster? Like mopping the kitchen floor after someone drops a cup of juice? Because if you leave that, it's going to turn into one fat sticky mess. Or renovating a bathroom because the old shower leaked? Because if you leave that, it results in horrid smells and damage on a much larger scale.

Unlike mopping, our recent reno ended up being a much bigger project than we anticipated--and it really was our own doing. We couldn't put in a new shower and leave the old countertops. Right?

The old shower matched the lovely mauve and cream cultured marble of the countertop complete with matching brass fixtures/doors. Who wouldn't want to keep that?

Oddly (at least in my opinion), it is relatively the same cost to throw in a pre-fab shower as it is to hire someone to tile it. So of course I went with the tile option.

After several trips to Home Depot and a lot of hours perusing our option, we settled on this lovely greige subway tile and gray penny tile for the floor. We also picked out a new countertop and brushed nickel faucet. The cabinets got a new coat of white paint as well (thanks to our cute renter). I think it turned out much better than I anticipated.

Granite Countertops

This isn't unlike writing a book. I just wish I could write one in two weeks rather than years and years. It takes way more preparation and work than I imagine. But I hope the stories turn out just as lovely after I put in the work.

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