Friday, March 4, 2011

Ironman New Zealand

Today my beautiful sister (OK, all my sisters are beautiful, not just this one - yes, I took one for the team and opted for the brains, but even that is questionable sometimes) is competing in the New Zealand Ironman. She has competed there once before and also in St. George, Utah. I got to see her compete in Utah. Ah-Ma-Zing! Both she and her husband are competing (as they have previously). They started at 6:40 a.m. local time (which was 9:40 PST).

This is a short YouTube video of last year in NZ.

I just checked the stats on the Ironman website and she's finished the swimming and the first leg of the bike segment. I have to admit that she hasn't even finished and I'm already choked up. I am so proud of her. This is such a huge challenge and accomplishment. I think sometimes I forget we can do hard things.

Of course, I like easy things better, but accomplishing something difficult is so much more fulfilling. Take my writing. It's so much easier to write passive voice and use lots of adjectives and adverbs, but, it's so much better to read over something I've taken the time to work out and think, "Wow, I wrote that?" So, here's to meeting our writing challenges head-on, whatever they may be. We can do hard things, so Write On my friends.

If you'd like to check out the Ironman website with links to future races and to current race coverage, click here.

More YouTube here:


  1. They are amazing! I hope your family does well. Hmm...I really could push myself a little harder. Thanks for sharing inspiration.

  2. Wow! What a challenge. Good luck to your family!

  3. That's one of the lessons I hope to pass on to my kids as they see me writing and pursuing publication - that I can, and therefore they can, do hard things!

    How cool that your sister's doing the Ironman.

  4. I'm glad for people like your sister who I can watch and applaud!

  5. The Writers Ironman. Here we go!

  6. Seriously! I thought about that: 2 hours sprinting, 5 hours editing, 7 hours revising...


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