Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bound, a novel, first 312 words

Title: Bound
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Status: WIP

Nafaeri bit down on her lip and climbed the thick plank steps of the castle’s northwest tower. Failure to find the amulet had plagued her for weeks. Today’s plan to ask the oracle, seer of all, had better work. She could think of no other option at the moment.

Time grew more critical with each passing day. Takeover plans had progressed but would soon halt, even collapse, if she did not attain the powerful talisman. It would ensure no one could stand in her way. Not even King Rannu, the most powerful elf in the land. A smile crept across her face stopping short of her eyes and then faded.

None of her disguises or informants had produced even a hint of its whereabouts. The king had either hidden it well or he had enchanted it to prevent others from locating it. Her fingers massaged the ache in her temples and the top stair came into view.

The water oracle, the elven king’s connection to the gods, could provide an answer if she reached it; but it lay ahead beyond the guarded tower door.

She glanced out a slit in the stone wall as she passed. The tops of giant cypress trees danced in their rows along the road to the castle. Her castle. Warm air swirled through the narrow stairwell of the enormous turret. It lifted strands of her flaxen hair offering encouragement and pushing her toward her goal.

She lowered her neckline enough to distract anyone and adopted a confused expression as she crossed the last few steps. Glancing back and forth as if lost she approached the two sentinels.

Their ogling amused her. Returning their smiles she whispered an incantation under her breath. Aaaah, she loved this spell. Their strength would disappear as soon as she touched their skin. Her heart leapt in anticipation of their fear and agony.


  1. oh I love it! Fantasies, my fav. Nicely done. I opened with the mention of an oracle too, guess fantasy minds think alive. Great fun.

  2. I like your writing style! Very fun book it sounds like! Mines also fantasy...don't you just love it?? Hopefully I'll hear more from you!

  3. REally cool and easily understood! I would keep reading:)

  4. Great entry, Peggy! Really nice! Good luck!

  5. Great start--it left me with a lot of questions? What will the talisman do for the rebellion? Why did the king hide it? Why is she at odds with him? Good beginnings do that for me. Yup--great start.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments!

  7. Sounds good! Can't say I've ever read fantasy romance, but I'm intrigued. I like your cute blog too!!


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