Friday, September 10, 2010


Independence. A good word. (I know, interdependence is much better, but I'm not on a psychology rant today, I'm taking an introspective vein). It's a word I like and one that describes me on most days. The past week and a half and for at least another four or five days my independence has been challenged. I had a little surgery and cannot drive. It was fine and dandy until all my drivers left. My sweet mother was here until early this morning. My husband left town yesterday morning. My teenage driver has to be at school. So today, the busiest driving day of my week, I had to humble myself and ask for help. Oh, and not just one person. Turns out that I had to rely on four people - my niece, Taylor, my friend, Stephanie, and my father-in-law and his wife, Lynn and Jean. And the day is not over. The good news is that tomorrow is Saturday and my teenage driver doesn't have school and my husband will be home in the afternoon.

It's difficult to rely on others when you are accustomed to doing things yourself. Believe me, I really wanted to get in the car and drive this morning. That being said, I am such a newbie writer that I definitely depend on the many resources that are out there to improve and learn this fabulous craft. I love writing and I love telling stories. I am so glad there are good writers and knowledgeable people out there who are willing to share what they know.

And although I really like being independent, I've learned that the writing world is not a place for that. We depend on others to get through the entire process. Think of all the books you've picked up with the little blurb in the front dedicating and thanking and acknowledging the many people who made the book possible. Just last night I was texting my childhood best friend and resident horse expert with questions. She texts me right back and never makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing the simplest things about horses. Love her and will certainly acknowledge her expertise in the front of my novel - I've just got to get it finished! So, Write On, my friends!


  1. I am deeply grateful for all my writer friends. Not only do they cheer me through both rejection and success, but they are my heroes. My examples of what hard work can do to turn dreams into reality, and the importance of contributing your best to the world.

    Beautiful blog, Peggy!

  2. Peggy,
    I am so insensitive to not even realize you were going to have surgery. I hope you are healing quickly. That would be so frustrating not being able to drive. I hate asking for help and to have to ask for help for driving would be rough. I love how you apply this lesson to writing. It is so true.

  3. Writer friends are important and I am So blessed to have them. They understand our crazy world. :)

    I'm here for Elana's Character blogfest...which it looks as though you forgot. But I'm glad I found you anyway. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Linda Benson (it might be Bensen)is a blogging author that has written several books involving might want to look her up. She seems really nice.

    I hope you are up and about soon. :-)

  5. I hope you heal quickly!

  6. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

    Lola - I think I need some brain food or some Focus Factor. Check back - maybe I'll do it today and back date the post so it looks like I really have it together. heehee!


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