Friday, September 3, 2010

Blogger Frustration

I am not a techie! I was so excited last year when my friend, Cindy Williams, hosted a "How To" blog class. It was wonderful and helpful and I slowly figured out how to do a few things to customize my blog. Then, Blogger goes and changes their format adding the fabulous (NOT) Template Designer. I really hate it. It is NOT user friendly for those not interested in the few basic designs they have available. I have tried to look in the help section, but there isn't anything there that I found helpful. I have spent hours trying to get back to the fun blog I had, but as you can see, I haven't had any success. So, as with writing, I must persist until I find a solution. Write On my friends! (and any of you techies out there that know how to add custom templates in the new Template Designer, please help me!!!)


  1. I wish they would have testers like me before they make us have to deal with stuff the techies work with daily and make no sense to me.

  2. Seriously! As you can see, I did figure it out (Thank you CutestBlogontheBlock!). I had to enter code to center the Blog title - aaargh! Why am I writing code? Why can't it just be embedded in an option with the other blog title options???

  3. I love your blog! I think it's clean and fresh, then again I didn't see what you had before!

    I'm not tech savvy at all, but I found that blogger actually is now cool enough to allow you to completely change your blog design and have everything done through them. I suppose you'd have to see if you like my blog if it would be up your alley!!

    I have three columns, wide to my specifications, a cute background (they have tons of styling options) and I chose font/colors, etc all within a matter of minutes!

    If you have questions just hop over to my blog and ask!!! I do plan on coming back to follow you, my follow button has been acting up today though so when I get home from work I'll have to do some damage control!

  4. If you figured out an underwater camera, you'll figure out the blog. :)

  5. Jen I will be checking out your blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. I did figure it out (it was completely white for a few days), but still am frustrated about writing code to do something so simple as center the blog title - I really am technologically challenged.

    Two things about the under water camera: 1) point and click, no codes; 2) I'm not taking the picture, although me being under the water that far was (ask any of my family) monumental. :-)

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comments!


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