Monday, August 8, 2016


So many of the worthwhile things in our lives require risk. The new experiences we enjoy (or endure) involve risk. Relationships, home ownership, education, and I could go on, but you know how the list reads, and somewhere on that list is writing.

Writing the story in your heart involves a lot of risk. It's part of you, laid bare, for the world to read. Your impressions, experiences, heartbreaks, all right there. Your voice is unique, yours only. The story may have been told a hundred times, but your perspective, your voice lends a newness to an age-old tale.

The world needs your goodness, your perspective, your wisdom. There are many who would drag down, but the world needs a hand up. Through writing your story, you can lift, encourage, inspire. Even a cheesy romance can brighten someone's day. We are tale spinners, passing on the stories of the past to future generations.

Someone out there needs your story, so Write, my friends, Write.

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