Friday, December 18, 2015

Day FIVE! Raft 9 of The Peninsula Series (Episode 1)

The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways is here! Yippee!
Two dozen authors are giving away goodies. Each day one of the authors will be featured and I’ll be sharing about their giveaways on social media.
I’m going to be the featured author on the 18th December, but you can access my giveaway for the whole 12 days leading up to Christmas.
This is an exclusive giveaway. You won’t find it anywhere else.
I’m giving you a book! FOR FREE! Merry Christmas!
Raft93D finalThere’s always Plan B…
One hundred years from now accomplished aerospace engineer, Sara Ahmed, and the crew of Raft 9 are forced to flee from impending nuclear holocaust to the Peninsula, a space station waiting just beyond the moon. Chased by the blast, with no means of communication, and unsure of what the future holds, their launch seems doomed to fail.
Will they escape in time?
This first episode in The Peninsula series will have you perched on the edge of your seat.
See for yourself why advance readers are saying of Raft 9:
“I felt like I was racing along with the characters to hurry and get off the planet!”
“Can’t wait to find out what happens next”
Warning!This face-paced, action-packed story will leave you wanting more… but you’re in luck! Episode Two is coming soon.

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