Monday, June 22, 2015


Yesterday was Father's Day. I certainly am not Daughter or Wife of the Year and many Father's Days go by with not much to show from me. Is it because the wonderful Fathers in my life are undeserving? Absolutely not. I just get swept up in the whirlwind of summer and life and all the unimportant things. So on that note, I decided to post about things my dad taught me.

My dad and daughter playing Barbies together.

Ten things my dad taught me:

How to work hard.

How to laugh at myself.

Reading is important.

Good grammar is essential.

God is perfect. We are not.

Serving others dissolves selfishness.

How to ride a bike.

It's better to do things the right way even if it's easier to take a short cut.

Family is forever, friends come and go.

Muscle cars are really cool, especially if your 8-track of Queen is blowing your speakers.

Thanks Dad. I love you!

What's one thing your dad taught you?

If you want more reading on the psychological side of the importance of fathers, check out PsychologyToday's blog or

In our writing, we add depth to our characters by showing their relationships to those around them, including their fathers. How does a character change and grow by overcoming the challenges of secondary characters? That's what character driven plots are all about: the growth of the character. Challenge your characters, make them grow, frustrate them, push them to their limits, encourage them and show them what they're made of. How? Their dad, of course. (Still love you, Dad!)

Write On, my friends.


  1. He taught me to love travelling and to take the road less traveled. I love visiting all the places no one else knows about.

  2. Yes! I think that's wonderful.


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