Monday, April 27, 2015

I Hate Being Wrong!

I am not sure why I get so bothered by bad grammar and mis-spelled words, but I do. Love my dad, but his grammar needs some work. I'm not perfect at it (as was brought to my attention), but I do make an effort to be correct. Over the years I've worried about the mote of poor grammar on the home front, but recently, I discover that I've been carrying around a poor grammar beam! Yes, a beam.

Here it is: 'til is NOT a word, it is "considered a spelling error". The words, interchangeably used, are till or until. 

This is what Miriam Webster has to say: 

till (til) 1. up to the time of; until: to fight till death 2. before (used in negative constructions): They didn't come till today. 3. before, to: My watch says ten till four. ... Usage. TILL and UNTIL are both very old in the language and are interchangeable as both prepositions and conjunctions. ... TILL is not a shortened form of UNTIL and is not spelled 'TILL. 'TIL is usually considered a spelling error, though commonly used in business and advertising: Open 'til ten.

My deepest and most sincere apologies to anyone who has been victim to my ignorance!

Write on my friends, but do not write "'til".

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