Monday, February 23, 2015

Post-Conference Blues

I love writing conferences. I have been closely involved with the ANWA Time Out for Writers Conference for the past several years. This year's conference was many things from educational to inspiring, from fun to serious, from agents to editors and best-selling authors. I cannot say enough good things or thank-yous to the people who put it together.

There wasn't one class block that didn't offer a class I wanted to attend. (I think that's a first for me.) The two keynote speakers were Brandon Mull and Regina Sirois. W-O-W! Both inspired and touched me.

The bookstore: I spent more money than I planned. What a great group of authors were represented there. Super excited to read them (as soon as I'm done with the four I have committed to read over the next week--how does time go so quickly? Yikes! I guess I should read a little today).

Thank you Conference Co-Chairs, Janette Rallison and Rebecca Lamoreaux, and your fabulous Conference Committee! Well done.

Write on my friends (and start stashing $15/month so you can attend next year).

Over on Five Pages of Something, a blog where I contribute, we are giving away a copy of Stephen Wilbers' Mastering the Craft of Writing. All you have to do is follow via email (enter your email address on the right hand side...easy peasy). Promotion ends soon, so sign up today.

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