Monday, February 2, 2015

Finding Balance

This is something I have struggled with for many years now. I used to feel like, aside from housework, the things that needed doing got done. Somehow it all unraveled. My accountability partners can attest to this. But this isn't a Debbie Downer Pity Party. It's a How to Get Back on Track party.

What do you do to keep the balance in your life?

In one of the classes in my unfinished Master's program, our teacher talked about the many hats we wear and responsibilities for each. I sometime categorize my life like that. I wear many hats: Wife, Mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Primary Secretary at church, Author, HR/Payroll Administrator, Business Owner, ANWA Past-Executive President, not to mention, Cook, Laundress, Vacuumer, Lawn Mower, Closet Organizer, and the list goes on. Obviously some of those "hats" overlap. Most of them are listed them in the order of their importance to me.

One thing that has helped keep some semblance of balance is my Accountability Partners. And maybe by balance I really mean productivity. My APs are my cheering squad and knowing they care about the mundane as well as the exciting is what keeps me going on the rough days.

Something I need to change, though, is the priorities on the list. I'm great at getting to the unimportant things like loading the dishwasher, but not so great at going to the store and buying a birthday present for my husband (I hate shopping, but really, he's the most important person in my life, I should be putting everything aside and putting that at the top of my list. Birthday over, maybe next year).

So, from now on, I'm going to indicate priority on my list with a $. Show me the money baby=I'm making progress in the right direction.

What does this long ramble have to do with writing? My writing time now gets a "$". Write On with me my friends!

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