Thursday, January 26, 2012


There's a certain smell, the tiny cries, the miniature fingers wrapping around your own, the feeling that comes when the baby nestles into your shoulder and falls asleep. There really is nothing like it. This past week I got to visit my sister who has one of these said little bundles of joy. What a treat. Baby is so sweet and I got to snuggle him a lot. I didn't have to do any of the work to get him here, but pitched in as much as I could to burp, change, love, and adore the little guy.

In the meantime, my baby, previously titled 'Bound', now has a new title: The Archer's Hollow and I spent about zero time loving on it while I was gone. Now that I'm not snuggling my sister's baby, I'm devoting time to change, love, and polish my own baby. On that note, I've got to get back to editing, so Write On, my friends.

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