Monday, December 19, 2011

Delight in the Little Things

Sunday evening I went with my husband and two of our children to the church for a Christmas Chorale and a Reflections of Christ exhibit. We walked through the exhibit - one word: amazing. (I encourage you to see the website for a little part of that experience). We then settled in the chapel to wait for the Chorale to begin. Beautiful orchestra music--played by young and old--surrounded us, getting us in the spirit of the season.

Two old couples sat on the pew in front of us. Both ladies and one of the gentlemen of aforementioned bench were members of one of the performing choirs. After the couple participated, they didn't return to their seat, but the one lady came back to sit by her husband. She was tiny and wrinkly and she had this light about her. I had watched her sing. In my opinion, it was enthusiastic and cheerful yet still reverent. I thought to myself that she was having a great time.

Now, come with me, if you will, to the row behind them and about twenty minutes later. My young son has sat through about an hour and as young children go, has had enough of this good time. He laid on the floor and rolled under the pew in front of us. At least he was quiet, right? I did worry a little that he would accidentally hit or kick one of the frail folks seated above him, so I'm monitoring things to make sure he does not.

Of course, it happened. The old man leaned forward. Aaah. I'd failed. Then the most delightful thing occurred. This lovely old lady's face lit up, she leaned forward a little as well and said to her husband, "Is it a child?" as if they were gold panners and he'd just found an enormous nugget. Bless her forever.

It was a wonderful reminder to me to find joy in my little ones and the beautiful little blessings I am showered with every single day. I love you my friends and wish you the most blessed of Christmases.

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