Monday, April 25, 2011

Lemon Pie

Like many people, I had piano lessons when I was a girl. I can remember walking from the school to my piano teacher's house. On the way was Leon's Market - the only gas station in town and for a long time the only general store. The day of piano lessons, I loved it if I had a dime. We would stop at Leon's and I would buy a little box of Lemonheads to eat as we walked. YUM! I loved biting into them and having the sour liquid pucker up my mouth. Now I'm savoring a sweet lemon pie from Croshaw's and wow is it delicious and bringing back sweet lemon memories. What's your favorite childhood candy? And, if you're a writer, what's your current Main Character's favorite treat? Siri's is pears (Siri is the MC from my novel Bound). That girl loves pears.

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  1. Tamsin loves popcorn. I am an M&M freak but I also love corn nuts and 3 Musketeers.

    I love your Lemonhead visual. I can feel the tart sweetness slant through my mouth.
    My husband and I like to go hiking in the Rincon mountains in December since there is sometimes snow in the mountains then. The snow means we don't have to drag along a couple of gallons of water each. We bring Lemonheads to pop in our mouths with handfuls of snow. Voila, instant lemonade!


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