Monday, November 23, 2015

I'm Falling Apart, I'm Falling Apart

When I was a young girl, my sister had this adorable little doll. Its body and head were connected by a cord. When you pulled it apart, it would shimmy back together while chanting, "I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart." We loved that crazy doll and even now sometimes will repeat her words.

As evidenced by my somewhat lackadaisical approach to blogging over the past couple of weeks, "I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart." The holidays are difficult. I like to keep it simple, but the people I love prefer a whirlwind of busyness that sucks up my not-so-ordered life and spews it in all directions. Even with the Accountability Partnership I'm lagging behind.

I have read a few books, though, as I put my youngest to bed. They're mostly light reading, fun reads that you come away from with a little happy sigh.

Under the Mistletoe Collection by Heather B. Moore, Sarah M. Eden, Julie Coulter Bellon, Annette Lyon, Jennifer Griffith, and Cindy Roland Anderson (I received this in exchange for an honest review)

Cookie Girl Christmas (my personal fave) by Christene Houston

The Mariposa Hotel by Heather B. Moore, Julie Wright, and Melanie Jacobson  (I received this in exchange for an honest review)


Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection by, of course, Sarah M. Eden (I received this in exchange for an honest review).

I recommend all of them.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Two Weddings and a Book I Can't Wait to Read

You already know that my daughter got married, but 11 days later, my niece got married. Crazy schedules and family in town and tons of fun and beautiful gowns and slacking on blogging. So this is going to be quick.

Four ways to get Banished from the last surviving city on earth are: 1. Cut out your emotion tracker, 2. Join a religious cult, 3. Create a rebellion against the Legislature, 4. Fall in love. Jezebel James does all four.

For the next 29 days, Kindle Scout is open for nominations of books they're considering for publication. There is one by Jane Redd (click to see how to win $100 Amazon gift card, titled Solstice.

I cannot wait to read it.

I read the excerpt that is available and wanted to keep punching the down arrow for more when it was over. Check it out

And, if you like it,  nominate it when you're done.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Turned Out So Lovely

The wedding day was amazing and so grateful to have Jamee Edwards do the photography because it is phenomenal. Here are a few pictures: