Monday, September 21, 2015

It Most Definitely IS Important

Is what we do as writers really that important? It's like a stone skipped on water or simply thrown to the middle of the lake. We cannot know the far-reaching effects of our labors. I would argue that we absolutely don't, and shouldn't, write for that reason, but it is for that reason we cannot give up. We must tell our stories and I want to share this because I think we sometimes forget. Write On, my friends, and thank YOU Dean Koontz for reminding and inspiring us to not give up.

Recently an email came through from Publishers Weekly which contained the following from Dean Koontz:

Monday, September 14, 2015


Efficiency: n the state or quality of being efficient (Random House Webster's)

Efficient: adj performing or functioning effectively with the least waste of time and effort

Take a good look at this envelope. I got it in the mail last week. What is so utterly bizarre about that? Check the date I mailed it. August 2014. It took over a year to be returned to me. Seems a little inefficient to me. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the French post decided to walk it to the ocean (Pacific or Atlantic, take your pick, it really doesn't matter), then handed it to a sailor who had decided to break some world record for sailing a dinghy around the world, sticking it in a bottle (just in case, you know, it gets knocked overboard). Let's say that was good planning on the sailor's part and eventually it drifts ashore somewhere in the Americas (North or South, either works). A Canadian Goose (I went with North), liking the color, picks it up in his beak (evidence near the stamp) and flies South for the winter. The other birds became jealous and in order to protect himself, he flips it at a white milk truck. Only it isn't a milk truck, it's my mail carrier. Hooray, it finally finds itself back on my desk. 

If I asked any one of those people/geese if they could improve the process, what would be their response? What would be your response if I asked you if you could improve your writing process, trim some things, make the process more efficient? 

Is there an area where you spend too much time? (research, FB, email, games--I'm guilty of a few of those on any given day). What can you do to make your writing time (or even your 'free' time) more efficient? Commit to one little change. Even if it's tiny. And, as always, Write On my friends.