Monday, October 24, 2011


Do you ever have those times when you meet people and you know they were meant to be part of your life? My writing experience has been that way.

When I started writing I knew virtually nothing about novel writing (I graduated college, so I know how to write papers, but novels are not the same--although some of the processes might be). So, my early writing is very rough and clearly amateur and my ego was very fragile--I only told my sister about it. Well, she told one of her friends who had written a children's book. That friend told her about an amazing organization called American Night Writers Association (ANWA) and that I should come to their chapter meetings.

My sister told me about that conversation and trepidation shot through me from my toes to my head. Aaaargh. That meant my vulnerability had the potential of being exposed. But, I yanked up my bootstraps and ventured to my first meeting. It has been one of the best experiences. I have met dear and wonderful friends, people who understand my anxieties about writing, people who care about me (even if my writing isn't captivating).

That initial meeting led to my membership in ANWA, a wonderful writing community, and writing conferences. ANWA has put on a fabulous conference each time I have attended. The workshops,  classes, opportunities, and camaraderie are phenomenal. The conference is open to anyone who wants to attend. If you are interested at all in writing, check out this wonderful opportunity. Information can be found on the ANWA website under the 'Conference' link or click here to go directly there.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today I spent an hour in kindergarten helping with 'workshop'. Workshop is a series of activities the adorable little kindergarteners do ranging from their name, the day and date, patterns, number writing and recognition, letter writing and recognition, a treat if they finish nine of the activities, etc.

They are at a variety of stages in their learning even at this early stage. Some have had the preparations provided by preschool and others are starting from scratch. They really are adorable--I wasn't sarcastic in saying that in the previous paragraph. They are so eager to learn and so happy to be at school. What a great hour spent. (side note: kindergarten is my speed as opposed to teenagers who I cannot keep up with).

In our writing, we all have to start somewhere. Some of us are just starting our learning journey, others of us are in the middle and some of us have many published books under our belt. What if we had given up in the middle of kindergarten? We cannot give up now. We must keep learning and keep working at becoming better. So, until next time, Write On my friends!

Monday, October 17, 2011


And the winner is de Circuit from Jodi Ford! I will be sending her the prize this week. Thanks for all your suggestions everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Desert Rain

One day last week the weather had enough of her boring sunshine. A haboob gusted into the valley. (side note: that's such a fun word to say and it always throws your audience. They look at you thinking, "Did she just say 'boob'?" No, I said 'haboob'. It's another name for a dust storm.)

So, back to my story... The wind blew all day. I hate the wind. But it didn't care. Every time I looked out the window I saw palm fronds swaying all over the place. They seemed to scream, "Stop the madness." But it went on.

Finally, that evening, the haze cleared revealing dark clouds. I went outside to gather up all the pool towels that had blown hither and yon. (Yes, Mom, I should have done it before the haboob but you know how I like to procrastinate).

I breathed deep. Ah, desert creosote. Mmm. You desert dwellers know what I'm talking about. Rain in the desert enhances the scent of the creosote bush (pronounced cree uh sote). Some people don't like the smell (the spanish word for the bush translates as 'little stinker') but it is one of my favorite smells. Maybe it's because I love the rain but I digress.

I raised my face to the heavens and a little spattering of rain sprinkled my face. I gazed from the south to the west, from the north to the east. The limited visibility of earlier was gone. The clean, clear air revealed mountains all around. Yes, they're out there and for the first time that day I could see them.

As I thought about it, I considered the book I'm trying to finish editing. It's been a laborious process for me and sometimes I just want to throw up (literally vomit). But, I need to think like the weather. I'm going to blow in and change things, cut things, add things, stir things up and like the rain, come through and clean it all up to leave behind something enjoyable. Can I also do it in one day, please? Stop laughing, a girl can dream!

Write on my friends!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Name the Kart Track Contest


I have a writing dilemma. In stewing over it, I thought, "Who better to help me than the many readers and writers out there?" So I am offering this conundrum to you.

There is a hunky but reserved guy in my current Work In Progress. His name is Carter Cooke. He owns a go-kart race track. I want something catchy, but upscale. This is a completely subjective contest. I will pick the name that I like the most (or run it by Carter and see which he prefers--you writers out there know what I'm talking about). So get your thinking caps on.

Simple Rules:

1. Follow my blog

2. Enter a comment on this blog with your suggestion by midnight (PDT) October 8

Prize: $10 gift card to BN or your favorite bookstore (if available) and a mention in the acknowledgements when I'm finished...