Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Artist in Us

I recently got an update from an artist friend, Tory Long. I first met Tory when I hired him to paint my fireplace. He was one of those people I felt an almost immediate rapport with and as I got to know him a little better I discovered he had never had any formal training. He is self taught and has developed his gift in amazing ways. Check it out for yourself at Artistic Wall Expressions. If you click on Portfolio and then Fireplace Refinishes, mine is the second picture featured. Spend a few minutes checking out his amazing work.

On a writing note, my progress in creating a masterpiece is coming along, albeit slower than I would like. I just have to remember that anything worth doing is worth spending the time to do right. This weekend I am  attending the American Night Writers Association conference in Phoenix and I am looking forward to learning more about becoming a great writer. So whether your craft comes naturally to you or you are learning step by step, Write On my friends!