Monday, March 15, 2010

The Stranger She Married

Disclaimer: I purchased this book and received no compensation from the author for this review.

Back of the book:
When her parents and only brother die within weeks of each other, Alicia and her younger sister are left in the hands of an uncle who has brought them all to financial and social ruin. Desperate to save her family from debtor's prison, Alicia vows to marry the first wealthy man to propose. She meets the dashing Lord Amesbury, and her heart whispers that this is the man she is destined to love, but his tainted past may forever stand in their way. Her choices in potential husbands narrow to either a scarred cripple with the heart of a poet, or a handsome rake with a deadly secret.

Cole Amesbury is tormented by his own ghosts, and believes he is beyond redemption, yet he cannot deny his attraction for the girl whose genuine goodness touches the heart he'd thought long dead. He fears the scars in his soul cut so deeply that he may never be able to offer Alicia a love that is true.

After yet another bizarre mishap threatens her life, Alicia suspects the seemingly unrelated accidents that have plagued her loved ones are actually a killer's attempt to exterminate every member of her family. Despite the threat looming over her, learning to love the stranger she married may pose the greatest danger to her heart.

I have always loved a good romance! My definition of good romance is not Danielle Steele-esque, but rather follows the old fashioned Victoria Holt style. So, did I think this was a good romance story? Yes, I did. Enough romance to satisfy the romantic in me and enough adventure to keep me hooked. I read this one in a day - took it with me in the car as I chauffeured around my kids. Departing from my usual loathing of red lights, I actually hoped for them so I could read a few more paragraphs as I waited. The characters were appealing and well-developed and there were enough twists and turns that I had to keep on reading. The characters stayed with me even after I finished reading. There were a few copy errors, but that aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I have thought about lending out my copy, but can't part with it yet. So, for now, I highly recommend buying your own and reading it. To read an excerpt from this novel and check out other works by Donna Hatch, check out her website at

I am looking forward to her novel 'Guise of a Gentleman' coming in April 2010.